Where to find a Surrogate (GC)?

Gestational Carrier. Useful tips where to find a surrogate mother

One of the most important steps of the surrogacy journey is finding a surrogate mother (GC).You can select among relatives or ask your friends  for help, browse through Internet on your own or turn to a special surrogacy agency.Hope that your pieces of advice will be of your service.

vv_icoFriends and relatives

It’s not a rare case when friends or relatives become  surrogates. So, don’t be afraid to share your problem with the dearest people as they can offer a helping hand to you. On the one hand, it’s quite a “convenient” solution for the intended parents as, in such a case, you are well acquainted with a surrogate and can rely on her. But, on the other hand, there is no guarantee that no psychological conflicts will occur later. Sometimes a womanwho has given a birth to child for her friend feels neglected and wants to play more significant role in the life of this family. That’s why, there is a possibility to ruin warm relations after the childbirth.


where_to_find_a_surrogate_mother-300x210Browse in Internet is quite a modern but not always useful method. Nowadays Internet is overfull with such privateadvertisements: “Become a surrogate for you. Healthy, clean, responsible. Have 2 children. Salary: 8000,00 $. Come to Kiev immediately at your request. Please, send money for tests and passage”.

Sometimes intended parents are really lucky to find their “surrogacy happiness” in such a way. But usually disappointment occurs oftener. In most cases, health condition of surrogates is satisfactory. Very often because of numerous infections Internet surrogates, as a matter of fact, aren’t able to get pregnant. Another negatively progressive tendency is Internet cheating.  Cheats use the different surrogates’ profiles to swindle naïve intended parents. It’s a pity but because of cheats’ cunning more and more childless spouses become victims but not intended parents. The only possible solution to avoid this is to turn to a special surrogacy agency.

vv_icoSpecialized surrogacy agency

The pluses of this are quite clear. There is no doubt that to sign a surrogacy contract and nearly in a year take your child from a maternity house is much easier than waste a lot of time looking for a surrogate mother on your own. But, don’t forget, good service should be repaid in a proper way.

The only thing you need is to look through the surrogacy contract attentively to get to know what services are already included, the terms of pay and what guarantees the surrogacy agency can provide you with. Special attention should be paid to the team members you will cooperate with as your future will be “in their hands”. If team members guarantee you the successful IVF cycle by the first attempt, ask for the immediate cash payment, insist only on one medical center or suggest some “light” machinations with legal documents – think thoughtfully before signing the surrogacy contract. Never be shy to ask additional questions which are important for you not to lose your chance to feel the happiness of paternity.