TESA/TESE.Surgical biopsy of the testis

TESA/TESE – Surgical biopsy of the testis and its parts

Speaking about ways of male infertility treatment, besides such effective methods of ART like ICSI and sperm donation, there are also testicular sperm aspiration and testicular sperm extraction which are  known as TESA and TESE. Despite quite the similar names, these two medical procedures rather differ on its procedures.

TESA_TESE-300x197TESA – surgical biopsy of the testis. It’s one of the most  invasive methods of getting sperm cells for  ICSI. TESA is conducted like a puncture directly from the testis with a special needle.  In the cases of non-obstructive azoospermia, effectiveness of TESE is limited by the disease as there is no visual control of testis tissues. In other words, it’s impossible to define the niduses of sperm cells. If after 5-6 attempts of each testis no sperm cells  are punctured, doctors suggest to use another method of getting material for ICSI – TESE.

In comparison with TESA, TESE is biopsy of several parts of the testis. This is one of the most effective methods of male infertility treatment.  Using TESE sperm cells are punctured from the tissues of the testis with a special syringe.

TESA and TESE can’t abolish the reasons which prevent the normal  passability of  seminiferous tracts but due to them sperm cells required for egg fertilization are got. Success of such medical procedures much depends on the normal spermatogenesis (process of the sperm cells maturation). More sperm cells of good mobility and structure are punctured, more chances for conception.  If sperm cells have some signs of abnormal development or low viability indexes, it might cause the defects of embryos, pregnancy pathologies or even inborn diseases.

TESA/TESE is impossible without the consultation of the andrologist which might require additional examinations for defining the concrete diagnosis and selection of the proper methods of getting sperm cells.  TESA/TESE are usually conducted  on the same day as the egg puncture. During next few days males are prescribed antibacterial medicines to increase the possibility of various complications.