Surrogacy in Ukraine

Gestational surrogacy process. How does surrogacy work?

Due to the high achievements of medicine such  terrible diagnosis like infertility and inability to have own children can’t be a verdict any more! We should be pleased by this and, of course, thank our “Mother-science” for its development.

All of us seem to have acquaintances who look so “enviably”  at little neighbours’ children as they have already faced such a dreadful diagnosis – infertility.There is no doubt, everybody dreams to see a joyous smile, hold a tiny hand of  his/her child…. hear such strongly desired “Mommy/Daddy…” Reproductive medicine  gives you such a brilliant opportunity to feel what real motherhood is.

What is surrogacy?

what_is_surrogacy1-1024x635In the cases of infertility treatment when a woman can’t carry “a child from a tube”conceived by in-vitro fertilization (IVF)  to term, intended parents have to apply to a surrogate. Surrogacy is one of the methods of infertility treatment using ART (Assisted Reproductive Technologies) according to which  an embryo created by IVF, using the egg and/or sperm of the intended parents  is transferred to the surrogate. Despite the fact that another woman (GC) carries and gives a birth to a child, legally and factually only intended parents are viewed as child’s parents.

There are specific medical conditions that might cause the necessity of  surrogacy:

vv_ico absence of an uterus

vv_icouterine cavity or neck deformations due to the congenital malformation/as a result of diseases which prevent  from successful carrying a child in term

vv_ico synechia of uterine cavity which can’t be treated

vv_ico serious somatic diseases which make pregnancy dangerous

vv_ico repeated IVF implantation failures (more than 3 times) when numerous transfers of good quality embryos don’t result in conceive

In Ukraine usage of ART is regulated by the Instructions approved by the Law of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine №787 from 09.09.2013

How is surrogacy journey conducted?

Surrogacy journey is conducted according to the following steps:

vv_ico selection of the surrogate (GC);

vv_ico synchronization of the recipient and GC’s menstruation cycles; preparation of the cryoembryos;

vv_ico transfer of embryo into the GC’s uterus;

vv_ico cryopreservation of the unused embryos;

vv_ico pregnancy testing;

vv_ico control of the GC’s pregnancy;

vv_ico selection of the method, place of childbirth and the method of feeding together with the attending physician;

vv_ico intended parents can be present during the childbirth.

Medical aid to the GC is rendered according to the medical protocols. Medical aid to the new-born child is rendered according to the requirements of the Law of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine №620 from 29.12.2003 “About the organization of stationary obstetric-gynecologic aid rendering in Ukraine”

The registration of a child fertilized by IVF is performed according to the prescribed legislation of Ukraine if the certificate of the intended parents’ (or only one parent’s) genetic relationship with a child is available.