Surrogacy legal

Surrogacy in Ukraine. Safe, easy, legal and joyful way to Become Parents!

“Is surrogacy legal in Ukraine?” – It’s out of the question as Ukraine is one of the most surrogacy-friendly countries in the world. Unlike another countries, the intended parents don’t have to “adopt” the child. The child is registered at birth as the baby of the intended parents and never the surrogate’s.

In the legal history of Ukraine, there has not been a single reported case of a disputed custody claim arising out of a surrogate parenting arrangement or directly addressing the validity or enforceability of a surrogacy agreement.

Surrogacy is legal in Ukraine for married couples, but NOT for singles or same-sex couples. This is officially controlled by Clause 123-Family Code of Ukraine and Law 24-Health Ministry of Ukraine (Reg. 04.02.97).

The “VittoriaVita” surrogacy agency works in Ukraine officially on the basis of the certificate on the state registration. In our work we strictly follow indisputable principle — to work strictly within legislative base of Ukraine on which we are orientated and use them daily in our work: beginning from registration of the contractual relations with participants of the program and finishing registering Birth certificates of the child and legalization of documents under the country law of future parents.

In Ukraine, programs of “surrogacy” work on the basis of legislative base.

You can choose between Gestational Surrogacy, Egg/sperm Donation, special Embryo adoption programs and their combinations. No specific permission from any regulatory body is required for that.