Surrogacy Contract

Importance of the Surrogacy Contract

The key aspect of the surrogacy journey is the signature of the special surrogacy contract between Intended Parents and their surrogate mother.  Such an agreement regulates the whole surrogacy process: defines the obligations, duties and rights of both parties and control their fulfillment.  That’s why, its correct composition according to the Ukrainian legislation is very important.

On the basis of the surrogacy contract Intended Parents assign and surrogate mother is obliged to bear and give birth to a child not pretending for him later. Signing the agreement surrogate mother realizes that she have to do her best to contribute to the successful course of pregnancy and protection of the fetus’ health. Timely intake of the necessary medicines and performance of all the medical procedures prescribed by the doctor are the main surrogate’s duties which are described till the smallest details.

On the other hand, Indented Parents agree to pay the defined sums of money (compensation for a surrogate mother) in the form and amount envisaged by the surrogacy contract.  They are obliged to accept their child immediately after birth and register him at the correspondent institutions. At the same time, Intended Parents are entitled to meet their surrogate mother in person, be aware of her health conditions before and during the pregnancy, demand performance of all the doctor’s instructions.

Besides, the surrogacy contract our lawyers compose and provide our clients with includes such important paragraphs like Parties Statements and Guarantees, Cost of Services and Payment Procedure, Responsibility of Parties for Contract Violation etc. Confidentiality conditions envisaged by the agreement are unlimited in time and its violation is strictly punished.

To avoid any possible misunderstandings or cheating later and protect the rights of both parties,  surrogacy contract is concluded at full understanding of its conditions and terminology in two languages (Ukrainian and IP’s native language ) in two authentic copies that have equal legal effect, one copy issued to each party.

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