Paid surrogacy

Types of surrogacy. Gestational/traditional, free/paid surrogacy

paid_surrogacy-269x300To start with, it’s necessary to remark that there are different types of surrogacy. It can be gestational (a surrogate isn’t genetically related with a child)  and gender ( a woman who bears a child is a surrogate and an egg donor at the same time), commercial or non-commercial. Commercial is also known as paid surrogacy.

To avoid cases when a surrogate who agreed to bear a child at no profit after giving a birth begins to manipulate the intended parents and asks for money in return for a child, officially paid surrogacy is used.

The key issue of paid surrogacy is the subscription of the official agreement between the surrogate and the intended parents where material compensations and pays, rights and duties of both parties are indicated. On the other hand,  surrogacy  journey is always paid because of the obvious reason – there is no free of charge medical procedures.  Depending on the type of the  surrogacy journey, it might presuppose the cost for IVF cycle, necessary infertility medicines, examinations and checkups for a surrogate (and egg/sperm donor), monthly payments and compensations for a surrogate during pregnancy, payments for agency services (monitoring of the surrogacy journey, organization and performance of childbirth, legalization of documents, interpreter services etc.)