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We will organize your consultation with the doctor at the medical establishment, on the basis of which the doctor will estimate a state of your health and inform you about features of the implementation, efficiency and safety of  the medical procedures. Doctors will plan your individual checkup and treatment protocol. Also our specialists will provide information about the medical aspects of the program of infertility treatment.

program_01Make an appoinment for consultation in clinic

“VittoriaVita” cooperates with the best fertility specialist of Ukraine. Making a choice on the qualified experts and highly-developed technical equipment, on the one hand, and taking into the account the costs of medical services, on the other one, we contribute to  high positive results of the infertility treatment.

701Selection of a surrogate mother

Not every woman will agree to perform as a surrogate mother. It’s not an easy task to carry the child “under the heart”  even if it’s not your own and then  give your little baby to other parents. Not many women have the strength to do this. That’s why, finding a surrogate mother (GC) is quite a complicated thing.

During the years of the persistent work in this field “VittoriaVita” has formed its own base of GCs who’ve passed all examinations and have the admission to the program according to  the medical and psychological indicators. Many of our gestational carriers take part in the surrogacy journeys for several times. Selection of surrogate is carried out in accordance with the Law ofthe Ministry of Health of Ukraine No. 787 from 09.09.2013. We explain the legislative part of surrogacy, provide information about the rights, duties and responsibilities under the surrogacy contract documentation which each woman who’d like to be a surrogate mother will sigh with the intended parents. Also special medical contract documentation of surrogate with clinic is signed. Each GC is assigned to by the curator who will inform, support, help (in cases when it’s necessary) and control her during the all stages of pregnancy.

egg_donor_01Selection of an egg donor

Our agency can suggest a huge base of the possible egg donors who have full portfolios with all necessary information about themselves, their children and relatives. After the selection of the perfect candidate, we perform the complex integral checkup twiceat the approved medical establishments. Legal aspects and coordination of the doctors’ work are regulated by  the team members (contract with the egg donor about her deliberate,free-will agreement to take part at the program of egg donation and carrying out the controlled stimulation of the ovulation and puncture of the ovary; her husband’s agreement in a written form)

supervision_01Supervision of the  surrogacy journey

Like careful parents we will support you at all stages of the program: starting with the first visit  for the primary examination for getting admission to the program, during of the pregnancy and till the registration of all necessary documents for the intended parents. Supervision is very important not just for the intended parents but for the GC, too. Because of different reason, intended parents can’t stay always nearby, that’s why all the supervising work is done by our team members.

The supervising of the program includes:

vv_icosupport in the medical center during preparation for the program;

vv_icocontrol the GC and donor’s appearance  at all examinations and tests;

vv_icoclose support for a GC during pregnancy (help with registration in antenatal clinic, information support,  psychologist’s consultations, providing of all necessary  medications prescribed by doctors);

vv_icocontrol of GC on implementation of terms of the contract.

All received information on tests, US results are always provided to genetic parents

legal_services_01Legal support

Ignorance of Laws of Ukraine doesn’t exempt from their liability!

Speaking about surrogacy,  the question of legal maintenance of the relationship between parties is important. Considering that the program of surrogate motherhood is related with the numerous registration of contracts, registration of medical documentation, notarial statements and acts of civil status we assume all legal aspects related to the program.  Lawyers of “VittoriaVita” agency will provide the competent solution to all legal issues related with the program, from preparing the contracts for all parties to the help in registration of the child and representation of interests in court.

transfer01Guest services and transfer

During each visit to Kiev team members of “VittoriaVita” will meet you at the airport and place in comfortable apartments. We provide the service of interpreters and transport throughout all stages of the program. We are always at your service and  glad to help you!

jurist_1.101Visa support

Foreign citizens wishing to take part in the journey are provided with visa support. Team members of “VittoriaVita”  will help with registration of guest and working invitations and also temporary registration for lawful stay in Ukraine.We will take care for your stay in Ukraine  being comfortable and pleasant!