New Zealand

Surrogacy in New Zealand. “Bitter experience” of old-fashioned Laws.

Using of ART in New Zealand is quite a complicated thing. On the one hand, investigations of Australian Institute confirm that during last years amount of IVF procedures increased in 2 times. Nearly 62 000 IVF cycles has been already performed in New Zealand and Australia. IVF successful rates increased for 45%. Significant issue concerning IVF treatment in NZ is that nearly 60% of IVF cycles are funded by the government of the country on the request of the fertility specialists. As wells as UK, Norway, Germany and some districts of Australia NZ refers to the countries where egg donation is free and NOT anonymous.

surrogacy_nz-300x200Judging on the last news about surrogacy in New Zealand, this country can be viewed as aggressively-oriented towards one of the leading methods of infertility treatment.

Not long ago, a same-sex couple Rees Rear and Brett Ramsey has announced about the discrimination of the New Zealand government towards their children who were given birth by a surrogate mother.

This case is increasingly connected not with the issue of homosexual relations and their desire to have children. It’s oriented on the “inveteracy” of the legal views of the country. Legislation about the adoption and surrogacy in New Zealand was renewed more than 40 years ago  in 1969.

On the basis of the New Zealand laws, despite the fact that these spouses are genetic fathers of the twins, only a surrogate and her partner can be considered as real official parents of babies. The only suggested solution is to adopt the children. But it’s impossible as these men are already on the birth certificates.

Taking into account that  in some cases  surrogacy is the only chance for many infertile couples (also citizens of New Zealand) to have a baby,  there are too many defects in the legislation of the country. It’s a pity, but nowadays government doesn’t plan to change anything towards surrogacy in New Zealand and people have to resort abroad.