Male Infertility Causes

Infertility. Three main causes of male infertility

In 40% fertilization is impossible because of male factor. Male fertility abilities depends on quality and quantity of sperm but not on man’s sexual activity.

vv_icoinferiority of sperm cells (disorders of its mobility and viability);

vv_icoabrupt decrease of sperm cell amount;

vv_icodisorders of deferent ducts.

Even insignificant reasons might cause such serious problems which result in male infertility:Male_Infertility-300x179

  1. Varicocele (15% of all cases) – dilatation of deferent ducts veins and testicle. As a result, temperature in testicles increases, their functions are disordered and sperm cells are injured.
  2. Injuries and defects of man’s genitals – 10-12%.
  3. Contagious diseases (10%). First of all, these are diseases transferred sexually: gonorrhea, syphilis, clamidiosis, trichomoniasis etc. But the most serious for man’s fertility is infantile sickness
  4. Inflammation of male urino-genital organs e.g. such diseases like prostatitis, urethritis.
  5. Immunologic disorders: if there are any problems with immunologic system, specific agents which might affect sperm cells are produced.
  6. Hormonal disorders e.g. deficit of male sex hormone – testosteron.
  7. High blood pressure, obesity, diabetes
  8. External causes like harmful influence of ecology (radiation, pesticides, lack of Vitamin C), impropriate (too tight) clothes, frequent visit of gym, sauna etc.
ART with male infertility treatment

If it’s impossible to treat or remove the cause of male infertility, spouses still have chances to become parents using modern ART (Assisted Reproductive Technologies) like artificial insemination (used by not enough amount or low activity of sperm cells in natural conditions), IVF (fertilization of cells in a tube), ICSI (IVF with  direct introduction of sperm cell into egg),  sperm donation.

Prevention of male infertility

Remember that regular preventive examinations are necessary. Promptly diagnosed problem and proper treatment prevent from further development of male infertility. In early age boys should be compulsory examined by a surgeon to avoid cryptochism or remove such a problem in time.  By any possibility of diseases transferred sexually or prostatitis – consult the doctor immediately and pass the whole course of treatment till the complete recovery. Balanced nutrition, healthy lifestyle without alcohol, drugs and tobacco is the first step to male fertility.