IVF Short Protocol

Step by step procedure of IVF short protocol of stimulation

Generally, IVF short protocol of ovarian stimulation corresponds to the natural cycle and lasts nearly 4 weeks. IVF short protocol is used in cases if woman is over 37 years or the response of her ovaries in the previoivf_short_protocol-300x225us cycles was low.

In contrast to long, IVF short protocol starts immediately with the stage of stimulation usually on the third day of the cycle.  A patient have to pass all the checkups and blood tests to make sure that uterus tissues become thinner after the last periods.  If it’s so, GnRH-agonist is introduced.

On the next day usage of Gonal-F and Puregon starts. The key point is that agonist stimulates the production of FSH and Luteinizing Hormone which causes the development of eggs.

In 1-3 months before the usage of short protocols contraceptives are usually prescribed. It allows to avoid the abrupt decrease of Luteinizing Hormone level and onset of the luteinizing cysts in the beginning of the stimulation.

The advantages of IVF short protocols are quite evident: amount of hormonal medicines is much smaller than while the long protocol which is, by the way, quite longer.

Absence of the patient’s response to the IVF short protocol means that she can’t produce eggs on her own. The only possible solution to become pregnant is IVF+egg donation program of infertility treatment.