IVF Procedure

IVF procedure step by step. How does it go on?


If you have any questions, you can contact us in each convenient for you way: by e-mail, Skype, Viber or just call us by phone. Our patient co-ordinators and lawyers will provide you with all the necessary information concerning organizational and legal aspects of the program and legalization of the documents.

During on-line consultation by Skype (or by e-mail)  you can provide our fertility specialist with the results of your medical tests and checkups to compose your preliminary individual course of treatment.

Our co-ordinates will work out all the aspects of the program till the smallest details to start the process immediately at your first arrival and make your staying here much more effective.


  • Meeting at the airport

On your arrival (English-, Italian-, Spanish-speaking) team member of our agency will meet you at the airport, accommodate at the hotel, help with registration and answer all your questions. We’ll do our best to make your staying in Ukraine as convenient as possible since the first minutes here.

Meeting at the airport and transfer airport/hotel is included in the cost of the package.

Also, VIP-services at the airport Boryspol are available:

vv_ico meeting at the ladder of the plane by the team member of VIP-service;

vv_ico accompaniment to the passport control with a special transport;

vv_ico help during the passing of the passport control and getting the luggage;

vv_icoaccompaniment to the arrival hall.

  • Accommodation at the mini-hotel

During the whole program you’ll stay at the comfortable apartments.   We’ll provide you with Ukrainian phone number and be at your services 24 hours a day.  For you visits into the medical center, café, shop or for an excursion you’ll be provided with a car and our driver. Accommodation at the hotel is included into the total price of the package.

  • Visit  the IVF medical center

On the day of your arrival to Ukraine (or on the next day) you’ll consult our fertility specialist who’ll provide you with full and detailed information about the possible kinds of infertility treatment, necessary medical checkups and tests (generally, it presupposes transvaginal US for woman, sperm analysis for man and Complete Blood Count for both spouses). First visit is obligatory for both spouses. Male might donate his sperm which later will be used for the fertilization.

  • Signing of the agreement

Our lawyers will help you to legalize all the documentation required for the program. After the agreements signature and first payment for the program our fertility specialist composes an individual course of hormonal therapy for you. Controlled ovarian stimulation lasts for 3-4 weeks and can be conducted domiciliary under the control of your gynecologist.

During your second visit intake and preparation of the reproductive material for the further IVF procedure is performed.

Preparation of the sperm cells presupposes its intake in the process of ejaculation, further examination and separation from the seminal fluid and other impurities, selection of the most mobile sperm cells of high quality which are eligible for the fertilization. If it’s impossible to conduct sperm intake and follicle puncture at the same day, sperm cryopreservation is used.

Ovarian puncture and in-vitro fertilization.  Under anaesthetic during the ovarian puncture eggs necessary for the further fertilization are received. At the same day they are fertilized with your partner’s sperm cells or intra cytoplasmic sperm injection (method of ICSI) is used. For nearly 3-5 days embryos are cultivated in the lab. Judging on their amount and quality, embryologist defines the most favourable time for their transfer and inform you about the date you should visit the reproductive center for embryo transfer. As a rule, it’s the 5th day after the ovarian puncture but in some cases it might be on the 2nd-4th day.

For the successful result of the IVF procedure, embryologist selects the best embryos and together with you defines their amount for the transfer (not more than 3 according to our legislation). Using a special catheter embryos are introduced in your uterus under the US control. Transferring more than one embryo,  multiple pregnancy is possible. The rest embryos of high quality are cryo-preservated (freezed) – cost of this procedure is included to the total price of the program.  In one hour of keeping calm, you can return to your normal activity. You can return home at the same day.

pregnancy_testSince this moment your body and nature will perform their own script. We recommend you to lead calm and sedentary life-style for 1-2 weeks and continue to take the prescribed medicines regularly. Pregnancy test should be made on the 10-12th day after the transfer.  If it’s positive, you should continue to take medicines. On the 12-14th day after the test make US at your gynecologist.  During all this time we’ll keep in touch with you, support and help you in each possible way.