IVF Antagonist Protocol

IVF protocol of stimulation with using antagonists

The significant feature of ovarian stimulation with IVF antagonist protocol is usage of GnRH-antagonists (gonadotropin releasing hormone agonist) like Cetrotide, Orgalutran etc.

Like GnRh-agonists Cetrotide and Orgalutran prevent premature peak of LH (Luteinizing Hormone), in other words, premature ovulation. GnRH-antagonists are usually prescribed on the 6th day of ovarian stimulation. They are introduced subcutaneously before the ovulation triggering.

Cetrotide might be introduced daily or once if the doze is 3 mg (nearly for 96 hours of Luteinizing Hormone suppression). If ovarian stimulation which exceeds more than 96 hours is required, Cetrotide is introduced daily till the end of the stimulation.

stimulation_medications-1024x520IVF antagonist protocol seems to be a reserve protocol for women with expected “poor” response for ovarian stimulation. Medical practice confirms that ovarian stimulation with IVF antagonist protocol increases the possibility and success of pregnancy for 43-47% and, at the same time, doesn’t cause  neither miscarriages nor “frozen” pregnancy. Antagonist treatment  is usually never accompanied with any serious  side effects. But in some cases small reddening or short-time itching are possible.

Fertility specialists claim that usage of antagonists during ovarian stimulation helps to avoid such complications like syndrome of “empty follicle” and formation of follicle cysts which sometimes might appear during the IVF process. Even if IVF attempt failed, introduction of antagonists doesn’t cause ovarian dysfunctions.

Ovarian stimulation with IVF antagonist protocol is convenient for both, patients and fertility specialists. Due to GnRH-antagonists, it’s possible to reduce not just the amount of injections during IVF protocol of stimulation but duration of the course of the infertility treatment. In such a way, stress which is always an integral part of IVF infertility treatment becomes less.

Still, it’s impossible to say what type of IVF protocols of ovarian stimulation (IVF short/long/antagonist protocol) is the best and the most effective as everything depends on the individual peculiarities of each patient.