Intended Parents

Intended or Surrogate Parents. Surrogate parenting

Speaking about surrogacy, one of the most frequent mistakes is to call the future parents of a child born by another woman surrogate parents. What are surrogate parents? And will you be real parents for your little kid despite the fact that a surrogate mom instead of you carries a child to term?

surrogate_parents-300x181Generally, surrogate parent(s)  is/are a spouse(s) who take(s) care of a child when his/her real parents because of different reasons  are unavailable  to do this. In some cases, such a person (spouses) might assume all rights, duties and responsibilities like the child’s parent by virtue of voluntary or court-appointed status.

But, usually, surrogate parents are so-called “educational parents”  who are appointed to help exceptional orphan-students (with some disabilities, physical disorders, vision/hearing impairment or visa versa giftedness ) during their studying. Surrogate parents act like real parents only in the cases connected with getting ESE (exceptional student education) but they never support a child financially.

So, it’s quite clear that surrogate parents can never be viewed as  real parents of a child as no one of the spouses is connected with a child  genetically.

On the other hand, intended parents are spouses who dream to have a child but because of some failures to fertilize or give the birth to a child on their own,  have to apply to ART and surrogate. Only intended parents, by all means, are  “native” biological parents of a  child as the key point of surrogacy journey is to use, at least, cells of one of the spouses.  There is no doubt, gestational surrogacy, in such cases, is a brilliant opportunity to help childless couples to gain the happiness of paternity.