Egg donation and paid surrogacy in India

Surrogacy is strictly prohibited by the government in many countries of the world e.g. Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden etc. India is one of the few countries where paid surrogacy is officially and legally permitted. Nowadays it’s wide-spread not only among the citizens of the country. Many foreign childless spouses also come in the search for a surrogate.  During last three years the amount of couples has increased in three times. According to Indian mass media nearly 4000 children were given birth due to the programs of egg donation and surrogacy in India.

It’s necessary to pay attention, when a child is given birth, he/she is immediately yielded to the intended parents who are not citizens of the country. Therefor a surrogate receives a significant sum of money for her services.  By the way, cost of surrogacy in India is much cheaper than in other European economically developed countries.

Last investigations of Cambridge University indicate that Indian surrogates never suffer from emotional problems connected with the surrogacy journey. But, as a matter of fact, it’s difficult to say if it’s plus or minus.

Generally, surrogacy in India is conducted like in any other country. Intended parents are consulted about all the necessary medical, legal and organization surrogacy issues by the fertility specialists. Since the very first step of the surrogacy journey intended parents and a surrogate have to sign a special bilateral treaty which  define the rights and duties of both, regulates all the legal and financial aspects.

For quite a long period of time, India was a leading center of surrogacy tourism. But each year Indian government becomes much stricter towards the foreigners who are eager to go through surrogacy in India. According to the new legislation, only officially married (at least for 2 years) couples (a man and a woman) can use surrogacy. Another significant limit is the necessity of medical but not touristic visa for intended parents. Violation of this visa rule is strictly punished by Ministry of Home Affairs.