Female Infertility

Causes and Treatment of Female Infertility

Female_Infertility-300x199Female infertility is much more serious than male as woman’s reproductive system have not just produce a mature egg but create favorable conditions for conception and normal duration of the whole pregnancy. That’s why, even insignificant disorders of it might make pregnancy quite complicated or even impossible.

Female infertility is subdivide into primary and secondary. Speaking about primary infertility, pregnancy is initially impossible. While secondary infertility there was an ability for childbirth but because of several reasons it was lost.

Main reasons of female infertility:
  • Disorders of egg maturation occur in 39% of cases. Usually they are caused by the improper function of hormones which control the development of eggs or injuries of the ovaries as a result of inflammations or cysts.
  • In 30% of all time, it’s the defects of the fallopian tubes which are damaged or impassable as a result of surgeries, abortions, abdominal pregnancy, adnexitis or endometritis. Problems with fallopian tubes make the conception impossible.
  • Another reason is problems with cervical canal of uterus. Normally, it should be full with mucus which transfer sperm cells through the neck of uterus to eggs.

If mucus is too swampy or its chemical composition is disturbed, passing of the sperm cells will be much more complicated. Usually, it’s caused by contagious diseases, erosions or various inflammations of the uterine neck.


vv_icoImmunological problems: specific antibodies which can disturb or even destroy sperm cells appear in the mucus.

vv_icoFemale infertility might be caused by the uterine defects: inflammations, non-cancerous growths (myoma, fibroma, fibromyoma, polyps) and masses – cysts.

vv_icoEndometriosis leads to female infertility in 40-50% of all cases.

vv_icoFemale fertility much depends on the metabolic imbalance, problems with thyroid and adrenal glands, diabetes etc.

Women should take into account that each year possibility to get pregnant gradually increases. At the same time, the most influential “enemies” of female fertility are smoking, abuse of alcohol, bad ecology, stress and unhealthy nutrition: obesity, thinness, lack of vitamins.