Egg Freezing. Vitrification

Egg Freezing. Advantages of Vitrification

More and more women nowadays aim at successful career, financial stability and only then having children. That’s why, cryopreservation or egg freezing becomes one of the most popular and essential methods of ART.

Egg freezing gives an excellent opportunity to save your eggs and, in such a way,  to postpone pregnancy for later on if now because of different reasons you aren’t ready to give a birth to baby but dream to do this in future.

egg_freezing-300x225In general, egg freezing is the medical procedure when alive biological material is stored by low temperatures with a possibility to use it later. The main reason for using such a method is connected with the age-specific collapse of  women’s reproductive functions. This process is also known as physiological ageing of ovarian functions. In other words, woman’s ability to conceive isgradually reduced till 38. Then the  speed of ageing substantially increases and most of women face functional menopause. Age of 51 is usually associated with complete menopause which means absence of any possibility to become pregnant.

That’s why, egg freezing is viewed like an effective solution in such a situation. But, success results of egg freezing much depends on the patient’s age. And it’s recommended to conduct the cell store till 38.

On the other hand, it’s necessary to point out that egg freezing is not just more complicated in technical aspects but also less effective than sperm cells/embryos cryopreservation. Each egg contains water the amount of which, as known, is extending by freezing  and  “literally” tears it to pieces.  At first, scientists tried to reduce the amount of ice by moving water from the cells in the process of slow freezing. But as it’s impossible to reduce all the water, the chances to conceive successfully are too low.  To avoid this, the procedure of drying or vitrification is used.

Vitrification is a special technique of  cryopreservation  when egg freezing is conducted so quickly that ice crystals even don’t have any ability to form. By unfreezing, such eggs can be successfully conceived using ICSI (Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection).

Egg freezing is quite a new procedure in Ukraine and is performed only by few clinics as it requires expensive medical equipment and specially-treated embryologists.

Our surrogacy agency cooperates only with reliable and approved medical establishments which work in this sphere. Suggesting you to use egg freezing (vitrification), we give you an opportunity to care about your future making a right choice now.