Egg Donor Selection

Egg Donor Selection. Become an Egg Donor

surrogate_egg_donor-300x201In cases when a woman is unable to produce eggs on her own, egg donation is a significant stage of the successful surrogacy journey. It’s out of the question that surrogate egg donor selection is a very serious and important step. According  to Ukrainian legislation each mature woman under 30 with, at least, one healthy child can become an egg donor.  It goes without saying, absence of any bad habits (drug addiction, alcoholism, smoking etc), chronic and genetic diseases is obligatory for a surrogate egg donor.

Each potential surrogate egg donor has to fill in a detailed form pointing all the details about her biography, family, anamnesis. Besides, race, colour of eyes, hair and skin, weight, education, personal life achievements, hobbies, life aims and, of course, the reason of becoming a surrogate egg donor are pointed.

The next step of becoming an egg donor is passing 3 types of examinations: medical, psychological and genetic.

In compliance with Law 787 from 09.09.2013 of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine medical examination presupposes:

vv_icophysician’s and complex gynecological checkup;


vv_icoComplete Blood Count (CBC);

vv_icosyphilis, HIV, Hepatitis B and C;

vv_icobacterioscopic analysis of discharges from vagina, urethra and cervical canal;

vv_icoUS of small pelvis organs.

Speaking about psychological examination, it includes special testing and talk with a competent psychologist. Genetic checkup is the obligatory part of the program. Before starting egg donation procedure, egg donor is examined for the sexually transmitted diseases again.

It’s necessary to remark that egg donation process is usually anonymous  as spouses don’t see an egg donor except the cases when the egg donor is spouses’ friend or relative.  There are special criteria which are obligatory taken into account by egg donor selection: height, weight, hair and eyes colour, Blood group and Rh-factor, nationality, education etc.