Cost of Surrogacy

Surrogacy Process. Factors Influencing Cost of Surrogacy

If you are encouraged to use surrogacy to complete your family, you should realize that it won’t be neither easy nor cheap process. That’s why, you should take into account all the factors which influence the cost of surrogacy journey.

cost_of_surrogacy_-263x300Except the surrogate mother cost and compensation, cost of surrogacy journey presupposes also fees for the surrogacy agency, psychological screening and monitoring, all the medical procedures and tests for the intended parents and surrogate mother (egg donor if there is a necessity), medicines, legal representation, registration of the child at the Register Office as well as insurance for the surrogate mother during the pregnancy. There are some other factors which influence the total cost of surrogacy journey e.g. usage of donor’s eggs  or yours. Working with an egg donor results in the egg donor’s costs and compensations. On the other hand, age of your eggs significantly affects the amount of IVF attempts till the successful pregnancy.

Obviously, failed IVF attempt will require additional costs as it means the repetition of this part of the surrogacy journey again (embryo transfer, medicines for stimulation, travel costs for your surrogate mother etc).

In some surrogacy programs (e.g. “Guarantee”) all the possible additional expenses are already foreseen and included in the total cost, in others – no. That’s why, choosing the surrogacy journey look through all the descriptions attentively to be sure that very this suits you perfectly.