Control of a Surrogate

Monitoring and coordination of a gestational surrogate mother

Very often intended parents wonder if their surrogate mother will  fulfil all her duties  and obligations according to the surrogacy contract.  How to check if she really does her best to protect the health of a child she is bearing for another couple? Doesn’t smoke neither drink alcohol but follow all the doctor’s instructions?

We’ve organized our work in such a way that since the very beginning till the last stage of the surrogacy journey, each surrogate mother is under the control of two coordinators (medical and administrative). Administrative coordinator helps and supports, provides surrogate with all the necessary medications. In other words, he is at her service 24 hours a day 7 days a week. After the day of transfer till the 14th day (day of pregnancy test) our administrative coordinator visits your surrogate mother each day to be sure that she strictly follows all the instructions and recommendations of the doctor and takes all the necessary pills. At the same time, he controls and monitors the performance of all her duties presupposes by the surrogacy program and contract. Speaking about the obstetrician-gynecologist (such a called medical coordinator), on the results of her medical checkups and tests, he informs us about the health conditions of a fetus which reflects surrogate’s lifestyle.

On the other hand, signing the surrogacy contract surrogate mother realizes that violation of any its points is strictly punished by the Ukrainian legislation.

During the whole program intended parents are informed about the results of US and other tests and, in such  a way, they are always aware of the course of the program.

The total cost of treatment