Childbirth & Legalization of Document

Last stage of the program – childbirth. Legalization of the documents

pregnancy-229x300After the nine months of experiences and  hopes the most desired day comes…the      day when your little miracle will see you    for the first time – the day of childbirth.

Both intended parents and their       surrogate mother need help and support before such an exciting moment of the surrogacy program. To prepare everything in time and be present by the birth of a new life, intended parents usually come to Ukraine in a week before the presupposed date of the childbirth.

As real parents of a child intended parents, by all means, have a right for joint childbirth and further staying with their child and surrogate in the ward. Since the first days of life, doctors check and control the health conditions of your child.The primary examination includes weighing, measuring the temperature, Fölling’s disease and  hypothyroidism screening.

In 3days after the childbirth together with a newborn intended parents return to our comfortable mini-hotelwhere they stay till their departure.Very often couples face different problems connected with newborn’s nursing: ignorance of the correct feeding, bathing, baby’s hygiene etc.But our nurse, on the one hand, and pediatrician, on the other one, make their best to change all these fuss into pleasant cares.

Now with the child on their hands, not less important stage of the surrogacy program is waiting for the intended parents – visit to the Embassy. But there is no any reason to worry. Our lawyers prepare all the documents necessary for registering intended parents as the official parents of the child in the birth certificate and later successfully legalize all them for taking a child to another country. This procedure usually lasts for 2-3 weeks after which couple again returns to their country but this time being parents of a tiny cupcake.

The total cost of treatment